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Humor On Your Wedding Day

Humor On Your Wedding Day

For most people, their wedding day is one of the most wonderful AND most stressful days of their life. Keep your sense of humor! Here is how a groom can help the bride before, during and after the wedding day:

1. Keep your cool and take things lightly. A sense of humor is not telling jokes but rather a way of looking at life. When you cultivate a great sense of humor you begin to see different connections. Remember that there is always another way of looking at any situation. Poking fun at yourself is a great way to break the tension when people are getting stressed.

2. If you're going to be making remarks at the reception, plan on saying something humorous. If you're having a hard time planning something funny to say, find a friend with a great sense of humor. Sit down with that person in advance and brainstorm a few ideas. A humorous story or embarrassing moment is often a candidate for getting good laughs.

3. Although food and music are at the top of the list for receptions and rehearsal dinners, don't forget to include something fun. For example a strolling magician can keep guests in good spirits while you wrap up those important photos.

4. For bridesmaid and groomsman gifts, how about a gag gift. If you want to give them a serious memento, consider giving them two gifts; one to lighten the day and one for memories.

5. For your Thank You card to acknowledge gifts and attendees, consider a photo (holiday-type) greeting card. Feature a funny photo from your honeymoon. Half the fun will be thinking of cute photo opportunities. It will be a card people will want to save.

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John Kinde is a humor specialist who has been in the training and speaking business for over 30 years specializing in teambuilding, customer service and stress management. Special reports available: Show Me The Funny -- Tips for Adding Humor to Your Presentations and When They Don't Laugh -- What To Do When the Laughter Doesn't Come.


Humor On Your Wedding Day

Humor On Your Wedding Day

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